Artist: Drawn from Life

Simon Bull, 2020

Publisher: Simon Bull Studios.

ISBN: 978-0578671888

Dimensions: 5 x 0.56 x 8 inches

Pages: 170

Whether novice or art connoisseur, Art: Drawn from Life will appeal to your visual and literary senses, as well as to your love of adventure. It is an inside look at how an artist expresses himself through painting, imagery and outside-the-box thinking. His process makes for fascinating reading.

Art is not a static concept to Bull.


As his world changes, he shares how this produces new forms of his art. His is a life full of twists and turns that embolden his work. And his artistry does not stop on the canvas. Anyone who appreciates good writing will readily be able to envision Simon Bull's world as he describes in detail all that goes into the "big picture" as he sees it--and draws it.