The Free Birds of Lockdown

8.5x11 Hardcover Book
Simon Bull, 2021

Publisher: Simon Bull Studios

Dimensions: 8.5x11

Pages: 766

“As we were being restricted physically, I felt the idea of birds spoke of freedom. The art, also being free to all who asked, gave it a double, rather fun meaning.” Simon Bull

When the clouds of the COVID-19 Pandemic finally broke into the storm that would put the world into lockdown, Simon Bull responded by making art—art that reflected the moment.


When everyone was sheltering in place, he offered to paint a unique ink and brush rendering of a bird for all who asked, at no charge. Each unique rendering would be free—free as a bird.


It was the artist’s way of sharing love and hope with the world as uncertainty and fear held us all in its grip.


The idea was simple: A video promoting the offer was made and those responding were directed to a website where they could order up to nine studies per household. There was a modest handling charge and options to upgrade their gift with certificates of authenticity, frames, etc., but at all times, the art itself remained free.


When the offer went live, the studio was inundated with orders which took several months to complete.


The whole collection has now been gathered together in this volume which serves as a catalog and record of an extraordinary event.